How To Choose The Right Style For Your Outdoor Kitchen

As expert designers of outdoor kitchens across the Cape Cod Region, we have seen every style of space imaginable. Just as you can create an indoor kitchen in virtually any design, so you can create anything you dream of for your outdoor space. In fact, outdoor kitchens offer even more flexibility in design due to the open nature of the space. If you are ready to design a new outdoor kitchen, reach out to our team for help.

Read on to learn more about how you can go about choosing the right style for your outdoor kitchen.

Start With The Functionality

The first place to begin is with the functionality of the space you hope to create.

Ask yourself a few key questions about the end goal of your design:

  • Do I plan to host events in my backyard? If so, how many guests on average will I be inviting? — This can help you determine what size cooking appliances you will invest in as well as how much seating space will be ideal.
  • Do I want the kitchen to be as functional as my indoor kitchen or just an addition to my current set up? — This can help you choose between a small grill and wet bar versus a full kitchen set up.
  • How much focus do I want on the style of the kitchen versus how much do I want a signature feature to be the focal point? — This can help you determine if you want to invest in stunning stone inlays or if you’d rather use your funds to design a focalized fire pit.

Write down your answers to each question and any extra ideas this spurs. This will be the baseline for your design concepts and will help dictate what appliances and other large features you need to invest in.

Move On To Your Favorite Elements

Once you have an idea of how the space will be used and what functional elements you will implement, move on to picking out your favorite elements and prioritizing them on your list. For example, perhaps you have been dreaming of a gorgeous stone backdrop for your outdoor kitchen, add this element to your list.

Create A Realistic Budget

Next, you will want to create a realistic budget that you need to stick to. Determine how much you can spend total that way you can pick out which elements are must-haves and which ones are further down the list.

Sit Down With An Expert Designer

Once you have all these basics in place, you can sit down with an expert designer to discuss what style will be the best fit for you. An experienced designer will be able to direct you to the best format for your space and needs. For example, if you enjoy a modern and sleek look but you need to cook full meals in your outdoor space, your design team can direct you towards the right appliances to match both your stylistic and functional needs.

Ready to design the outdoor kitchen of your dreams? We serve the entire Cape Cod Region with expert outdoor kitchen designs. Reach out today to learn more about how we can help make your dreams a reality.