Throwing The Perfect Backyard Party By Your Outdoor Fire

When you have an outdoor fire pit, you want to make the most of it during long summer evenings. Your fire pit allows you the perfect place to entertain family and friends. If you are thinking of throwing a backyard party this summer to share the joy of your outdoor fire pit with others, make sure you check out these quick tips for throwing a perfect event.

If you need help implementing new outdoor fire features, we are the team to call. We work all across the Cape Cod Region, implementing beautiful outdoor patio designs. Learn more below about how we can help.

Create Ample Seating

The first thing to do is to make sure you have ample seating for everyone you invite to your party. No one wants to be stuck standing behind the rest of the crew, so ensure you set up enough comfortable seating for everyone involved. If it is going to be a cool night, position the seating close to the fire pit. For warmer summer nights, opt for a looser circle.

If you plan to serve food at your event, you might want to include small side tables around the circle so people have a place to set down drinks and plates as the evening progresses. Count and recount your guest list and throw in a few extra seats in case your guests bring their own friends.

Upgrade The Outdoor Fire

If your backyard currently features an old, small fire pit that invokes more of a solo person campfire feeling than a great space for a large group to gather, consider upgrading to a larger, more sophisticated fire pit.

There are numerous fire features on the market today that can create a more stunning backyard space. Invest in something that will allow you and your family to grow, as well as provide ample space for your entire group of friends. If you need help picking new outdoor fire features, talk to our talented team. We can help you design the perfect outdoor living space.

Implement A Wet Bar

Nothing is worse than settling down into your seats, swapping exciting stories, only to realize that someone has to run all the way back inside to grab everyone a fresh drink.

Make your outdoor fire pit a better focal point by adding a wet bar to your outdoor living space. This way, no one has to stray far from the fire to freshen up their drink.

Talk To Us About Outdoor Fire Features For Your Home

If you want to upgrade your backyard with stunning outdoor fire features, talk to our team. We can help you find the perfect fire pit for entertaining guests. We can also help you implement other outdoor living features such as outdoor countertops, stone patio flooring, stone islands for your grill, and more.

No matter what your dream outdoor living space is, we can help turn it into a reality. Reach out today to learn more about outdoor fire features and stunning patio kitchens in the Cape Cod Region.