Fire Pit Inserts

When creating a gas fire pit, the burner is the heart and soul of your fire pit. From pan and burner size to fuel source, these possibilities allow us to help you create the perfect fire pit for your outdoor space and budget.

If there is one thing that we have learned in our years providing outdoor living solutions to our customers, it is that quality components make all the difference. You are making a significant investment into your home and the materials of your fire pit are the foundation of a long lasting and beautiful outdoor living space.

If you are looking to build an amazing fire pit, we can guide you through every step of creating a stunning outdoor fire feature. 

The gas fire pit insert concept gives you the true flexibility to design the size, shape and feel of your own fire pit with ease and simplicity of using gas - no more stocking or carrying wood and that smell of smoke - gone! Imagine your own creative and unique design as the focal point to your backyard.. Our certified inserts offer the flexibility of three flame controls - Remote Control, Push Button / Flame Sense and Match Lit.

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