Square match lit fire pit insert with PENTA burner offer unique flame pattern and easy use and isntallation at an affordable price.
Our paver bracket makes installing your fire pit into concrete or stone easy.
Our spider guard keeps spiders from making nests in your fire pit and ruining your outdoor fun!

HPC Square Match Lit Gas Fire Pit Inserts

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With changing designs in homes and landscaping, square fire pits and inserts have become more and more popular. This allows homeowners and contractors alike to design a fire pit that creates a modern, contemporary look. 

Our inserts by HPC are backed by 40 years experience and a 5 year warranty. These square fire pit inserts feature the patented Penta burner, offering amazing value and a stunning display.

Why Choose a Penta Burner over other fire rings & burners?

In 2012, HPC introduced the Penta Burner- a very unique and innovative burner design that delivers a very full campfire effect…much more evident than any other burner or fire ring on the market. This is accomplished by the 9, 12 & 3 o’clock burner ports on each lobe of the burner (except on the lobe tips) by design to reduce risk of excessive heat exposure to enclosure cap. This port design also prevents a distinct burner pattern when on lower flame setting- unlike many fire rings or burners.

The Penta Burner design requires less fuel to deliver the same flame height versus other fire rings resulting in lower cost to operate. The Penta Burner has received multiple Utility and Design Patents highlighting the innovation, technology and unique appearance behind the design.


  • Made of #304 Stainless Steel with a 5 year warranty.
  • Raised-hub design prevents water from entering gas valve.
  • Burner ports drilled at 9, 12 & 3 o’clock positions for full flame.
  • No distinct burner pattern at low setting.
  • Low profile design requires less lava, glass or other media.
  • Full range of sizes- from 12” to 48” available.
  • Patented Technology- Utility and Design Patents Apply

These certified gas fire pit inserts incorporate a whistle-free flex line between the gas valve and burner pan offering insert flexibility and simpler installation.


  • Perfect for fire pits without electricity
  • Flex line configuration
  • Decorative key valve gas control - Match Lit
  • UL Certified up to 65k Btu
  • Comes fully assembled with #304 stainless steel pan, burner, Decorative Key Valve with stainless steel mounting bracket and whistle-free flex line.