Outdoor Rooms

Outdoor Fire

There is nothing like bringing fire into your outdoor living space! Whether you want fire to help keep you warm, roast marshmallows, or to enhance the view, Oasis sells various products to incorporate fire into your backyard.

We offer both push button gas flame fire features as well as wood burning options for that campfire effect.

With our true love being natural stone, we offer fire pits and fireplaces that incorporate natural stone veneers to bring out the beauty of your new fire feature.

Outdoor Kitchens

When you add an outdoor kitchen to your living space, you are truly bringing the indoors out. With our easy to design modular systems, the possibilities are endless. You can create the outdoor kitchen or bar of your dreams in 3 easy steps. Simply send us your layout and we will produce a 3D design of your kitchen; you can then pick out your stainless steel components. And lastly, pick your veneer stone and countertop options, as well as finishing touches, such as a back bar, extra height for more seating options...you can create exactly what you need!

Pergolas & Finishing Touches

Now that you have the perfect outdoor fire and outdoor kitchen setup for your space, it is time for the finishing touches. Whether a pergola or ramada, seat walls or a custom made outdoor table finishes your vision, we can help. We offer high quality fire accessories that can be installed anywhere and amazing pergolas to create your outdoor room and define your space. Add the outdoor furniture you want and you are ready to enjoy your backyard like never before.