Square push button, flame sensing fire pit inserts offer easy install and push button control.
Push Button Fire Pit - How it works!
Push Button and Flame Sensing Control for Gas Fire Pit.

HPC Square Push Button Ignition, Flame Sensing Gas Fire Pit Inserts

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Push Button Ignition, Flame Sensing Fire Pit Inserts

Oasis understands not all outdoor areas will have power supplied for the ease and safety of electronic ignition use- but flame sensing in your area may be required by code or you just prefer that peace of mind. The certified Push Button / Flame Sensing line allows both the convenience of push-button ignition with the safety of flame sensing. Lighting the fire is as simple as pushing a button- flame height is fully adjustable via control knob. If the flame blows out the system safely turns off gas.


How It Works

Start Up: This is done by simultaneously pressing valve control knob to start flow of pilot gas and pressing ignition button for spark. Release spark after pilot ignition, release valve control knob after ~20 seconds. Then turn valve control knob counterclockwise to light main burner.
Operation: Flame height may be adjusted by turning valve control knob- counterclockwise provides more flame, clockwise lowers flame. If flame loss does occur, the system will automatically turn off all gas flow.
Shut Down: To turn OFF the fire pit simply turn valve control knob clockwise- slightly depress knob to reach OFF position.


  • Fully Assembled and ready to install. Control components are protected within valve box.
  • Flex Line configuration provides versatile and simple installation.
  • Start ignition with push button and valve control knob.
  • Flame sensing- system will turn off gas if flame is lost.
  • Flame height is adjustable using valve control knob.
  • Battery Operated System- is perfect solution for installs with no power.
  • Natural Gas or Liquid Propane: Factory built & tested for either fuel.
  • UL Certified in US & Canada to ANSI Z21.97-2014 / CSA 2.41-2014 requirements.
  • Optional Install: Control Box Sleeve for mounting in pavers, metal and more.


Our Square Fire pit inserts feature a unique Penta burner!

Why Choose a Penta Burner over other fire rings & burners?

In 2012, HPC introduced the Penta Burner- a very unique and innovative burner design that delivers a very full campfire effect…much more evident than any other burner or fire ring on the market. This is accomplished by the 9, 12 & 3 o’clock burner ports on each lobe of the burner (except on the lobe tips) by design to reduce risk of excessive heat exposure to enclosure cap. This port design also prevents a distinct burner pattern when on lower flame setting- unlike many fire rings or burners.

The Penta Burner design requires less fuel to deliver the same flame height versus other fire rings resulting in lower cost to operate. The Penta Burner has received multiple Utility and Design Patents highlighting the innovation, technology and unique appearance behind the design.


  • Made of #304 Stainless Steel with a 5 year warranty.
  • Raised-hub design prevents water from entering gas valve.
  • Burner ports drilled at 9, 12 & 3 o’clock positions for full flame.
  • No distinct burner pattern at low setting.
  • Low profile design requires less lava, glass or other media.
  • Full range of sizes- from 12” to 48” available.
  • Patented Technology- Utility and Design Patents Apply