Brick Patio Patterns

One of the best parts about designing and building an outdoor living space is being able to create a variety of patterns and using a range of materials to create a dynamic and inspiring space. One of our specialties at Oasis Outdoor Living is creating brick patios using reclaimed thin brick veneer. The brick veneer has been salvaged from old schools, factories, and mills throughout New England so you can enjoy the unique history, texture, and a beautiful range of colors within each piece.

But if you’re creating a brick patio, an important decision to make before you get started is the pattern that the brick will be laid in. Maybe surprisingly, there are quite a few brick patterns that are a popular choice for many Cape Cod homes. Here are a few of the most popular.

Basket Weave

Similar to the top of a cherry pie, the bricks are laid in an alternating horizontal and vertical pattern to give the appearance that they are weaving in and out of each other. The basket weave is one of the more unique patterns, and your family and guests will love the centuries-old pattern.

Brick PatioRunning Bond

This pattern is one of the most common and you’ll recognize it as the pattern that brick homes use for their outside walls. All of the brick is laid horizontally, the pieces staggered to create the classic pattern. The running bond pattern is considered eco-friendly because there is little cutting and leaves nearly no waste behind. If you’re creating an outdoor kitchen to go with your brick patio, this pattern is strong and durable enough to withstand the weight of furniture and other accessories.

Running Bond Variation

The running bond pattern has a variety of variations to mix up the standard look. To create a unique pattern, the brick can be laid vertically as well as horizontally, with the same staggered edges. If you choose to use this pattern, or a variation on the pattern, you can still benefit from the durability of your brick patio.


Commonly used in entryways or driveways because of its strength, the herringbone pattern uses either 45 or 90-degree angles. The pattern almost creates a pathway for the eye to follow, so you can help guide your guests to wherever you want them to go, whether that’s inside the home or towards your backyard oasis.

Brick PatioFlemish Bond

Along with the basket weave, this pattern is one of the oldest. You can see it mostly in England, but also all over Europe as well. Similar to the running bond pattern, the Flemish pattern uses header bricks, which are full size, and stretcher bricks, which are cut in half. This pattern is a great choice for your brick patio, walkway, or driveway.

Whatever pattern, or variation of a pattern, you choose for your brick patio, you can put your confidence in the team at Oasis Outdoor Living. Our team has expert installers and backyard landscape designers who love what they do and love creating unique and beautiful spaces for homes all over the Cape Cod area. Whether you need an outdoor kitchen, a new grill, or upgraded countertops, find it all at Oasis Outdoor Living.